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West Cork Fundraising Community is an organisation of people interested in projects centred around charitable services around the world.

Tractor in Africa Tractor in Africa
Tractor in Africa Tractor in Africa

The Tractor we fundraised for has arrived in Mozambique. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, it's the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication and support!

Our Mission Statement

We are a group of local West Cork people who support and help at the annual Christmas swim in aid of the missionary work of Fr. John Kingston (a local missionary priest). We collect money at the swim, which goes directly to Fr. Kingston's mission in Mozambique.

He, in turn, helps local people in Chimolo, Mozambique. These people come to him looking for the help and tools they need to sustain themselves. The demand on his mission is incredibly high due to factors such as drought, war and the current economic state of Mozambique. There is little Fr. Kingston can do on his own, but he works tirelessly to teach these people how to farm sustainably. He does this by giving them seeds and tools to till some land that the parish has accumulated over the years. He also helps educate some enthusiastic individuals who then show others how to use their land sustainably and manage their crops to get a decent harvest.

Our immediate aim is to fundraise for about twelve months to raise about €40,000 to provide some much-needed machinery to help them speed up their work.

The government in Mozambique is now telling communities that any of the parish's unused land will be allocated to others, most likely large plantation farmers. This would be a huge disadvantage to the Fr. Kingston's mission. To this end, we hope our machinery would help them use and keep their land (approx. 100 hectares), thus helping those poor locals who would be in danger of eviction.

We are seeking support from our community, and all funds raised will go directly to the mission. We plan to keep a website and update it regularly, particularly when the machinery is (hopefully) donated to the parish so as to highlight the difference it makes to the people of Chimolo.

After we achieve this initial goal we propose to use the company to continue to be available for fundraising for similar nominated causes. - September 2018